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List of posts

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68. Genuinely ‘Clean Coal’ – Solution for Reliable and Cheap Energy Source of Future

67. Coastal Erosion and its Control

66. Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) and its control


64. Rain-water harvesting and artificial recharge of ground water

63. Environmental Mining Accidents – Disasters to be checked

62. Assessment of Sustainable Development : ‘Bellagio Principles’ for Assessment

61. Pollution Control in Recycling Industry is most essential

60. Reduction of use of energy for industrial purposes to mitigate CO2 emissions – Role of Material science is important

59. Water pollution and its solution

58. Environmental Literacy for Administrators and Educators – Environmental Issues

57. Environmental Health

56. Environmental Design and Architecture

55. Carbon trading is market based tool to limit GHG emissions – effective for management of Carbon footprint

54. Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) – A tool for quantifying Sustainability and sound methodology for describing Environmental Impacts

53. Pollution Prevention (P2) Planning – Essential for Management of Green Biz

52. Green Business is part of Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) – Keys to success

51. Industrial Dust, Air Pollution and Related Occupational Diseases

50. Environmental Pollution, Problems and Control Measures – Overview

49. Soil Erosion combating

48. Solid Waste Disposal -A Burning Problem To Be Resolved To Save Environment

47. Water Conservation – Need-of-the-day for our very survival

46. Underground Coal Fire – Emerging as a major global threat

45. Coal Ash Disposal Becoming Burning Issue

44. Bringing Sustainability in Coal Mining Operations

43. Oil Spills and Marine Biotechnology

42. Waste Glass Recycling

41.Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA)

40. Hydrogen Fuel-Cells

39. Hydrogen from Sewage – Greener and Smarter proposition for Sustainable Energy

38. Economic Evaluation of Health for Environmental policy

37. Degradation of Global Environment affects Human Health

36. Role of Biotechnology in producing clean Industrial products

35. Solar Power – Sustainable Energy

34. Sustainable packaging, waste and development of biodegradable plastics

33. Energy from Sewage

32. Waste Reduction and Raw material conservation

31. Supercritical coal-fired power plant

30. Go Green and Save Green

29. Pollution from Motor Vehicles

27. Thinning of Ozone layer

27. Clean Coal Technology (CCT)

26. Sewage Treatment

25. Wind Energy

24. Global Warming and greenhouse gases

23. Nuclear Energy based power plants

22. Coal-bed Methane (CBM) drainage from Underground Coal Mines

21. Underground coal gasification (UCG)

20. Plastic wastes – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle of plastics

19. Marine pollution – Mitigation is Essential for improving Marine Environment

18. Algae Biodiesel – Tremendous potential for next-generation Green Energy

17. Ship-breaking industry – Improved standard needed to keep environment safer

16. Sustainable and green city development

15. Improvement of Environment in Urban cities

14. Oil Spills – adverse effects on marine environmental bio-system

13. Pollution in coal mining and mitigation measures

12. Deforestation for food and fuel

11. Renewable Energy – to be promoted extensively to save environment

10. Coal-fired power plants and pollution

9. Reduction of Carbon Footprint is necessary to save environment

8. Bio-Ethanol is a renewable fuel to be blended with gasoline

7. Rainforest conservation – Challenges of addressing deforestation issues

6. Explosive population growth affects world food supplies and environment

5. Effects of Environmental Degradation

4. Population growth and Environmental degradation

3. Intense Environment Video, Planet, Global Warming

2. Environmental Degradation – Combating the menace of hunger and poverty

1. Concept of Environmental Degradation


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  2. sir,i want to get information on soil sonservation and its advantage and disadvantages and its practices

  3. Dear Sir,
    An small hill is been destroyed in Bangalore to make way for Hill View Apartments just for few people the hill is been destroyed which has snakes,Birds including Peacocks and Rabbits and Eagles nests.
    Can we do any thing about it already i have put a mail to Jayant natarajan

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